The gods will return?

The genesis of the ancient civilizations, the wonders of the ancient world, the mysteries of evolution, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the biblical text, have always led man to ask countless questions about what were the foundations of our civilization. The responses of different religions, the centuries of scientific progress, still leave many gaps to be addressed and several conundrums that have led in recent years to follow different paths.And new theories have emerged powerfully evocative, some far-fetched, others actually based on objective evidence and often irrefutable, proposed and discussed, among others, three great personalities: Sitchin, Alford and Hancock.

Their studies, which comprono over forty years of work, converge on some key points easily summarized:

  • “Gods” in the flesh thousands of years ago were on the ground to take advantage of the many mineral riches. The human race was genetically altered as slave race in order to serve and especially to work in mining and construction.
  • Archaeological findings and interpretation of texts and epic tales of peoples such as the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Hittites confirm the presence of visitors coming from the sky.
  • Many sites around the world testify to the supervision of the Gods.From Tiahanaco the cities of Mesopotamia, from Easter to Nazca, the many points in common confirm how the exploited in various parts of the world human population for their own purposes.
  • A new cosmogony asserts the presence of an unknown planet in the solar system, Nibiru, that making a rotation around the Sun of 3600 years in the past has been very close to our planet allowing the landing of “alien gods”.
  • A new timeline coincides the creation of mankind with the latest scientific calculations, but above all, reconciles the coming of the gods and the creation of humanity with the biblical dates, in particular the calculations refer to the Flood and the various patriarchs from Adam and Noah, from Noah to Abraham.

Leaving aside here the many arguments put forward by scholars to substantiate these assumptions, the curiosity that comes to mind is whether and when these “Gods” will be back on our planet. An encounter with alien entities would change fact many beliefs of our civilization, radically rewriting the history books of humanity.

One of the many answers suppositories the authors cited concerns the planet Niburu, whose place in 200 BC the last return in the solar system, the most recent in a series that had affected 11,000 years, 7400 and 3800 BC. So, according to these calculations, is still relatively distant neighbor approach of the planet to our Earth (expected towards 3400).

Another point on the observation that many people have waited and are still waiting for the return of a god. Among these surely the Maya, whose God Quetzalcoatl, in 550 BC he left our world promising to return. After waiting patiently for 1300 years, we saw that did not return. In 763 AD, a conference was held in the Mayan astronomer-priests, presumably to discuss what had happened in the meantime. How much longer will the people could stay true to a god who died a long time and known only by the most ancient ancestors? A century or so later the Maya abandoned their ceremonial centers and within a few centuries their civilization disappeared. Even the people Jew millennia awaits the coming of a Messiah, the God of Noah and Abraham, who descends to earth to redeem sinners; but also the Christians await the return of Jesus Christ. Added to this is the presence of numerous prophets on the end of the world, but do not have a scientific basis to support their predictions.

Therefore difficult to establish when these alien entities will return to Earth and probably is not even said that they do so. Although in recent decades UFO sightings are actually increased exponentially and really enough that only one of these is real to upset the history of our planet and to finally find the answers clearer. The recent behavior of the world’s governments to make public the secret files on sightings leads us to the conclusion that perhaps something is cooking. We are really close to this epochal meeting? And when they do so, they will behave as these visitors?They will arrive in droves on fleet of flying saucers or choose to hide trying to manipulate the population and the powerful of the planet?

The responses of the three scholars are inclined to prudence, assuming an arrival of alien entities in connection to a serious moment of crisis of mankind, the crisis that would cover our main institutions: governments, industries, religions. Given the difficult times that lie ahead in front of us may well be that humanity will soon meet their creators: an appointment that is the biggest secret science of the modern era.

Source : Diego Nicoloso (


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