Secret Vatican plan for the arrival of alien god revealed.

The Vatican had a secret plan to reveal the presence of an extraterrestrial god, that is, to prepare the masses arrival of alien civilizations. What would be the subsequent behavior of the Christian faithful, the Catholic Church in this regard?
To say this is the Astronomer Vatican, eminent theologian and professor of fundamental theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome [connected with Opus Dei], Don  Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti .

Watch this video is important, I am very sorry to tell you that it is in English, I sincerely hope that you can translate it in Italian to inform always the best news we always want to hide. Open your eyes and your mind.
This week on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam unveil a 900 year-old prophecy buried in the library of the Vatican. It describes a series of 112 Popes. Now the 112th Pope has been elected. Will the prophecy concerning him become true? Is Pope Francis I the Pope that ushers in the Final Judgment?

REVEALED THE PROJECT LUCIFER 1 and search for “Dark Star”.

Mount Graham, Arizona, United States. Since a few years at the top of the mountain, with the permission of the federal government, work was completed for the construction of an international center for astrophysics which includes three telescopes.

One of these, the Large Binocular Telescope, completed and inaugurated recently and is therefore the largest ever built. But to make headlines is another telescope, the LUCIFER 1 declare that as the two authors of EXO VATICANA  Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam, is  already operational since April 21, 2010 is owned by the largest religious organization in the world, the Vatican.

This is the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) developed in collaboration with the University from Arizona and funded by the Vatican Observatory Foundation with donations of the faithful Americans.


After over a decade of design, manufacturing and testing, LUCIFER 1 went online, as already mentioned, April 21, 2010, will be followed by a twin who delivered recently and already in operation since 2011. Each instrument is cooled to -213 degrees Celsius to observe in the range of wavelengths of the near infrared, this reason, in order to better observe the stars Brown Dwarfs.

In recent years many infrared instruments have been put online. NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) is one of them. These infrared instruments can be used not only for observing distant galaxies but also to control objects approaching the ground.
Watch this video is important, I am very sorry to tell you that it is in English, I sincerely hope that you can translate it in Italian to inform always the best news we always want to hide. Open your eyes and your mind.
Following the release of their 2012 best-seller Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam were inundated with invitations from around the world to be interviewed on radio, television, and in print media. These included segments in The History Channel’s “Countdown to Apocalypse,” a special feature on Canada’s largest Christian channel VisionTV titled “I Prophesy: The Apocalypse Series,” invitations to Rome to discuss with Italian media their findings on René Thibaut (a Belgian Jesuit whose meticulous analysis of the Prophecy of the Popes predicted the arrival of Petrus Romanus in this era), and dozens more. But that was just the first part of the story. In Exo-Vaticana, the investigation goes into high gear with findings far more disturbing than the authors expected to find.

• Unveiled! The Vatican’s astonishing plan for the arrival of an alien god
• Disclosed! Secret files in the Vatican library on the reality of the alien presence
• Found! The private document detailing the Vatican’s position on the extraterrestrials
• Revealed! Project LUCIFER and the hidden quest for “Fallen Star”
• 2013! The year top astronomers say the alien world and its inhabitants will be divulged
• Uncovered! The Collins Elite, Occultism, and a covert breeding and hybridization program
• The incredible family secret Tom Horn has kept concealed all his adult life!
• What Government and Vatican Officials told the authors about the reality of UFOs, ETIs
• The Vatican’s Top Astronomer finally interviewed by Horn & Putnam
• Nick Pope, Bruce Maccabee, Stanton Friedman, Jesse Marcel Jr. and others weigh in
• Back to Cydonia! The truth behind the face on Mars and artificial structures on other worlds

In Exo-Vaticana: Petrus Romanus, PROJECT LUCIFER, and the Vatican’s astonishing exo-theological plan for the arrival of an alien savior, internationally acclaimed investigative authors Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam break the greatest story of our time and expose the elitists and intellectuals who are planning mankind’s assimilation under a coming ‘savior,’ one whom the prophet Daniel foresaw as “an alien god.”

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From the statements made to some researchers, the Vatican Observatory Foundation would build this telescope for the same reason for which it was designed and the Sky Hole Space telescopes IRAS and SILOE, or to give chase to a planet called Nibiru that would orbit around a small star Brown dwarf that would orbit close to our solar system and maybe companion of our sun. This star is called Dark Star or Star obscure. This one of the many statements in the book VATICAN EXO.
The telescope was built in 1990 with the aim of studying the celestial bodies renamed ‘abnormal’ approaching to land, as done for example by the CIA, that among many of his ‘secret eyes’ includes the twin telescope Hubble, SkyHole 12. Furthermore, the SIV was warned during meetings with Pius XII of the approach of a celestial body in the solar system host an alien race evolved and very warlike.
The draft Lucifer 1 then is run by the Vatican, the University of Arizona and a mixed group of Europeans. The innovative design of Lucifer would allow astronomers to examine in detail and unprecedented stellar regions which are commonly hidden by dust clouds. But the largest optical telescope in the world, the Large Binocular Telescope on Mount Graham, allows astronomers to observe any object brightness very weak, as it happens, as brown dwarfs and Exoplanets.
As described in the past by the statements made by the researcher and journalist Cristoforo Barbato, the material he received from a Jesuit was very interesting and very secret. It was top secret and sensitive data, information from radio telescopes VATT and Lucifer first transmitted in turn by a probe sent into space remote, inserted within a space exploration program called SILOE, who had photographed a planet of enormous size approaching the solar system. This approach would bring serious consequences for the Earth and its civilization, (swarms of meteorites and comets) as well as a socio-cultural traumatic for all religions on the planet.

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