Top Secret: the mystery of the space project “Solar Warden”

warden solar space fleet

Supporters on secret information of UFOs, continue to speak of the existence of a fleet or more terrestrial spacecraft responsible for monitoring traffic alien in our solar system, and even to defend our solar system in the event of an attack extraterrestrial.

If there were, the Solar Warden would require a much more advanced technology than the one used now by the army on the battlefield; according to some speculation, it would be the technology by reverse engineering the alien responsible for the rapid development of these types of systems.

solar warden

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to set foot on the moon, is probably one of the most high-profile people to have openly supported the thesis about the existence of aliens visiting Earth. He faced the speech in various interviews: said that extraterrestrial civilizations are found beyond our solar system, that have visited Earth, and that the US government could be in possession of technology taken from reverse engineering alien.

“I suspect that over the last 60 years has developed a kind of reverse engineering that has led to the creation of this type of armament, which is nowhere near as sophisticated as that of extraterrestrials,” he said in an interview with the radio Kerrang dr.Mitchell, 23 July 2008.

solar warden1

In 2001 the famous hacker Gary McKinnon has used a number of ingenious techniques to violate many government computers, including (and perhaps are not limited to) those of NASA and the Navy of the United States. In a 2006 interview with Wired, said that his primary goal was to find hidden data on the existence of free energy devices or zero.

A Wired has specified its alleged discovery, during some of his virtual trips, to an Excel spreadsheet with a list of names and a header ‘official extraterrestrial’. According to an interview with Project Camelot in 2006, another document was listed as transfers ‘fleet to fleet’. McKinnon has not been able to compare the names with no ship of the US Navy, and considered officers of another world, or belonging to a ‘Space Marine’.


McKinnon said to Project Camelot: “If you look at the production Darpa (Agency for Advanced Research Projects for the Defense of the United States) the current and the last few years, everything revolves around the dominance of space, is the last frontier.Therefore, I think it’s natural for them to want to check out the space and develop in a secret force that goes into space, but I think they’re most likely using technology reverse engineering of ET (extraterrestrial). ”

McKinnon told Wired that when it was discovered he was on the point of view from a distance image of a UFO on a computer Nasanell’edificio 8 of the Johnson Space Center. Some months later, in March 2002, the authorities have submitted to the door of his home in the UK. Advanced accusations against him are serious hacking, with the possibility of having to serve a sentence of 70 years and pay a fine of about 1 million and 800 thousand euro.

However years after its discovery, the extradition request of the US government remained suspended until he has been dropped.Project Camelot has suggested that McKinnon had an ace in the hole – information gathered in the course of his attacks – and that he had used as leverage against his extradition. McKinnon did not release any statement about it.

warden solar space fleet

The term ‘Solar Warden’ refers generically to the super secret space fleet. At the moment no one knows for sure what the name is due. If such a program existed, would require a huge capital to build its fleets.

According to the Washington Post, last year the US black budget for secret programs involving dozens of agencies was about 48 billion euro. In 2011, the US government has spent about 631 billion euro more on national defense and internal security. Obviously, much of the money was spent to fight terrorism.

However, if the government decides to build a space fleet with exotic technology and design, the money could be used, especially if more than one country was involved and convogliasse money in such a program, as suggested by some proponents of disclosure.

At the moment all the various sectors of the armed forces of the United States government have their own space commando, as the Air Force Space Command and the Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command’s (SPAWAR). These departments have public sites and help coordinate the military forces of earth, air, and sea. It is not clear whether these departments are connected to the so-called Solar Warden project, or if the alleged project is independent, with its own secret department and isolated.

by Paul Darin


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  1. There can’t be any doubts far more civilizationS exist and existed long long like hundreds of million Silar cakander Earth years most probably first visited our planet Earth and very first humans on Earth which we man kinds must had looked very much different to how we humans physically look today and also in many years in future. The non Earth beings or as we have named them CELSTIALS ALIENS must had started to observe how we humans shall advance in intelligence and scientifically achievements and come to the shapes and physical looks and mental achievements in the so far believed to be 11 or more Passed Solar years. I believe the so called Celestial are and WILL monitor us as future or coming solar years happen. If they had intended to harm or extinguish us humans, they could and would had been able (of course). I believe the non Planet Earrh beings consider us as either makings or as their children LET ME HOPE. I believe they will teach, advise, direct and fatherly or motherly show us how to over-come the speed of light and other countless scientifically learnings as years come or go bye (in far more FUTUREs). How simple little me, Hooshang be taught after I die away. Scientist say as we are energy, therefore, absolute deaths are meaningless as energy or energies do not purish after we die. What and why my friend Syroos Yousefi or Cyrus Yousefi should come into my dream telling me any place will be good after I die?!!!. Why? What did he exactly mean? No one really believe me when I tell them Siroos or Cyrus Yousefi came into my dream in while I was sleep in my or our Tehran – Niavaran’s home and to my bed room well dressed like he always was wearing well clothings wile he was alive either in London England and in Iran. Why should he choose me to come into my dream???. What did he exactly meant when answered my question asking him how will come over me after I also die? He replying me: your place will be good. !!!?. What a paradox to me. It can be underestood (even by idiot me) that there had been many many livings if us humans on this planet Earth or maybe on other planets prior to this life. I like billion other human beings simply DO NOT KNOW. Since 1966 I know I have had a bad life. Is it due to my bad bad doings and bad thoughts? Why Manoochehr, my 5 years older brother needlessly did so much bass towards me?!!! I never wanted any harms to come upon him but goods to come for him. Strange his actions towards me. I could not understand why. Still can not???. Like Billions came and died I, like rest of them have ciuntless quirkiest and Questions of our creator. So bye for now.


  2. Why I always chose the wrong associates specially knowingly married this evil, liar, thief, adulterer all together very bad bad and evil, demon Roushanak ?!.
    Every decision I take are the bad ones. WHY. Most if not all stupidities have an end except for mine. I never learn.


  3. Few words, I am a fool. Been a fool since birth I suppose.


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